Thu 21 Mar 2002

An offer: Give me something for free and I will shamelessly link to it. Like this link to J-I-M Peek.

Today I found a great bit of JavaScript for formatting dates. The reason I show you this is to make you aware of the prototype property of Objects. Learn this! Remember, JavaScript isn't just a toy ;-)

I've not mentioned Puakma for a while now have I. Don't go thinking it's vapour-ware - it's still heavily under development. Being in charge of everything GUI it's down to me to get something together nice enough to introduce it to you all. Trust me though, the more I see the more I like it... here's the logo to keep you excited:

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Wed 20 Mar 2002

I've been told twice now that not only is it nice for me to share a list of books and software I rely on but also some of the websites. This though is what I use this part of the site for. However, what I will do is write something along the lines of what's in my Favorites [sic] folder and how they are organised.

Here's a few for you though. An interesting news site is The Register - there was an article today about how Domino has brought about the end of ORBZ. Apple's website has some interesting writings on it. This font comparison page is worth bookmarking. Then it's always nice to simlpy read something other than code. Read Steve Champeon talk about why JavaScript is misunderstood.

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Tue 19 Mar 2002

On my walk most lunchtimes I pass the new Swiss Re building and follow its progress. Don't need to now as they have a (Domino) site where I can do it from the desk. You can see where I work - the group of brownish buildings in the middle of the far right of that shot.

The architect happens to be my favourite. In particular this building in Ipswich that I used to work close to. Hard to believe it's as old as I am.

Sorry that was completely off-topic. Well at least one of the pages was a Domino one ;-)

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Mon 18 Mar 2002

Thanks to Steve Judd for pointing out that I'd spelt HMTL wrong in my latest article. Luckily he pointed this out on Sunday before most of you would have noticed.

Also to Jef Reynders for pointing out that a useful indicator of the number of Domino developers in the world is the number of CLPs out there. Not that that proves a thing of course. In the same way I know developers who never use the Notes.net forum I also know some who have never seen the point in becoming certified. Talking of certification, Adam Crawford sent me a link to a site where you can do the tests online. Here it is - Skill Drill. Still got what it takes? I think I would fail now as I no longer know anything at all about developing client applications. Not sure if I'll bother becoming R6 certified yet anyway...

Any Domino developers out there using Macs? A guy called Brandon might have something of interest for you if you ever wanted to do Domino Admin from the Mac.

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Sat 16 Mar 2002

This week I made some wild claim about there being more Domino developers at large than PHP. To be honest I have no idea if that's true or not. How many Notes/Devs are there in the world anyway? There are ~41,000 who've ever posted on the Iris forum. Of which, let's say 60% are developers and 70% of them have some dealings with Domino. That makes.. errm... 17,000 Domino developers. Can that be right? If there are 60 Million seats and each company has on average 2,000 of them each that's 30,000 companies. That's less than one developer per company. Hmmm, me is wrong me thinks.

The Notes world certainly is a small one though, well in London anyway. Last week my friend Gene who I worked with at HSBC went to two interviews in the same day. At the first they somehow came on to the subject of Codestore. Don't ask me how. It was at this point they realised that they had both worked with me in the past. Don't know who the other person was but he was at Ebone the same time I was (apparently). Later that day Gene sat chatting to another friend Pete from my days at Merrill Lynch who was also waiting in reception for an interview. This time neither realised that I linked them together in this small world that is Notes...

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