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This week I made some wild claim about there being more Domino developers at large than PHP. To be honest I have no idea if that's true or not. How many Notes/Devs are there in the world anyway? There are ~41,000 who've ever posted on the Iris forum. Of which, let's say 60% are developers and 70% of them have some dealings with Domino. That makes.. errm... 17,000 Domino developers. Can that be right? If there are 60 Million seats and each company has on average 2,000 of them each that's 30,000 companies. That's less than one developer per company. Hmmm, me is wrong me thinks.

The Notes world certainly is a small one though, well in London anyway. Last week my friend Gene who I worked with at HSBC went to two interviews in the same day. At the first they somehow came on to the subject of Codestore. Don't ask me how. It was at this point they realised that they had both worked with me in the past. Don't know who the other person was but he was at Ebone the same time I was (apparently). Later that day Gene sat chatting to another friend Pete from my days at Merrill Lynch who was also waiting in reception for an interview. This time neither realised that I linked them together in this small world that is Notes...

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Written by Jake Howlett on Sat 16 Mar 2002

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