CodeStore started in the late '90s as a place to store bits of code (hence the name) on my hard drive. Access was soon requested by colleagues, both in and out of the office. That is when I decided to make it accessible via the web.The initial plan was not to make it public but then I thought "Why not?!". After all if it wasn't for people sharing with me when I was a novice I would have been lost. So, in a way, it's payback for all those generous members of the Notes community and to those in a similar position as I was all those years ago.

CodeStore has had many looks over its lifetime and in certain ways reflects my ideals of what a site should be like - simple and functional. It is hosted on a Domino 8.5 server thanks to the generosity of Prominic.net.

The site's popularity has never ceased to amaze me. There's an average of about 5,000 2,000 (and falling) visitors a day. What really makes it worth it though is when I receive mail that takes time to thank me. Here are some as examples:


"just wanted to congratulate you on codestore.net, i just found it tonight and am so glad, it's the most visually appealing Domino resource site i have ever seen and has some tips i have never come across before."
Craig Gibbons, South Africa
"This is a killer site..... I would love to see the code behind it.....Thanks."
Kevin Miracky, msiinet.com
"I'm impressed by what you're doing, both from a content and context standpoint. The fact that you're posting these tips and tricks.. ..is commendable. Plus, the site itself, is exemplary. Keep up the good work!"
Rob Wunderlich, NuTechs.com
"..one of the most useful resources for developing web apps using Domino that I've ever encountered.."
Richard Abraham, Petrolink.net
"let me congratulate you on the smartest Domino site I've seen in ages. Nice job!"
Darryl Wing
"... a totally awesome website, you are obviously a bit of a JavaScript guru.... yours is one of the best Domino sites. Keep up the great work!!"
Stephen Cryan, Australia
"Your site... ... is fabulous. Even those at notes.net and Lotus should take a lesson"
Joseph Pollone, clickinvites.com

About Jake Howlett

Photo of Jake HowlettFor those who care, here is a little about me. I'm a 37 year old male, born and bred in a town near Sherwood Forest, in the north/middle of England. I was never a big "techie" as a kid (still trying to deny I am now!) and went to university to study Mechanical Engineering. This is where I started to use PCs and have never really looked back. When I finally got a job in IT my first employers gave me the option "What do you want to specialise in, PowerBuilder or Notes?". Enough said!!

Right now I am living in Nottingham, UK with my family — wife Karen, son Felix, daughter Minnie, daughter Evelyn and step-daughter Quinn. For a living I run my own web development company called Rockall Design.

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