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Thanks to Steve Judd for pointing out that I'd spelt HMTL wrong in my latest article. Luckily he pointed this out on Sunday before most of you would have noticed.

Also to Jef Reynders for pointing out that a useful indicator of the number of Domino developers in the world is the number of CLPs out there. Not that that proves a thing of course. In the same way I know developers who never use the Notes.net forum I also know some who have never seen the point in becoming certified. Talking of certification, Adam Crawford sent me a link to a site where you can do the tests online. Here it is - Skill Drill. Still got what it takes? I think I would fail now as I no longer know anything at all about developing client applications. Not sure if I'll bother becoming R6 certified yet anyway...

Any Domino developers out there using Macs? A guy called Brandon might have something of interest for you if you ever wanted to do Domino Admin from the Mac.

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Written by Jake Howlett on Mon 18 Mar 2002

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