Server error: your entry in the server's Domino Director specifies that authentication is not allowed.

Created by Anonymous on 07/19/2005

Lotus Notes

remote server is not a known TCP/IP host

Created by Anonymous on 07/27/2005

Error Accessing User Dictionary File

error accessing user dictionary file

Created by Anonymous on 08/16/2005


the requested URLcould not be retrived

Created by jessie horn on 09/14/2005

Agent Did Not Complete Within The Time Limit.

ERROR: Agent did not complete within the time limit.

Created by Michou on 10/12/2005


Lotus Notes Exception - Unsupported trigger and search in the background or embedded agent

Created by Anonymous on 11/03/2005

Server Error: You Are Not Authorized To Use The Server

Server error: You are not authorized to use the server

Created by Anonymous on 11/09/2005

Notes Exception

HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - Unknown [KeyWord] for @Function

Created by Kripakaran on 11/24/2005

Unable To Archive

Unable to Archive. Do you want to update settings?

Created by Anonymous on 12/13/2005

Http Web Server Lotus Notes Exception

Created by Neil on 12/27/2005