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Dear ,
I got the big problem after upgrading from R5 to 6.5.4 + FP1, so many webmail users got the following message, "http web server lotus notes exception invalid directory name or device is not ready". can you tell me how to solve the problem?


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rama daud sarambu on 04/03/2006 09:15 PM

ISSUE: Bluepages & Notes error "Invalid directory name or device not ready "

Problem: My Help - Installing v1.1.20 caused the association of notes .nsf files to change from 'nsf file' to 'Notes database'. If a user tries to open a notes .nsf file when notes is open you get this error message - "Invalid Directory Name or Device not ready" from notes.  Removing 1.1.20 does NOT change the file type back.

Solution: 1. Went to Folder Options under Tools in My computer.

2. File Types

3. went to NSF under registered file types

4. Advanced

5. Edit the 'open' Action and remove the " " around the %1 part of the statem

If this does not work--->


Edit [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\mailto\Shell\Open\Command]

Remove the quotes around "%1" so that the value is C:\notes\notes.exe %1

mertin29 on 11/13/2006 01:27 AM

Can you check the Profile sections? i.e User and Group. also, check the rights of that profile. If it is not "Administrator Rights" it gives the errors.

Rawhim Naik on 03/17/2008 07:15 AM

Error 500

HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - Invalid directory name or device not ready.

Marcelo on 02/09/2010 08:00 PM

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