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Lotus Notes Exception - Unsupported trigger and search in the background or embedded agent



I need the solution for the same..

pls let me know..

it is urgent...

monika on 11/10/2005 11:59 PM

Possible cause for this error can be that u are calling this agent for some displaying purpose on a page.

To correct this error set the property of agent-

In options select "Store highlights in document" and select the Target as "none"

Ritu Kasliwal on 11/11/2005 07:28 AM

This error can occur if you forget to set the agent target to "None" for an agent that is called from a WebQueryOpen or WebQuerySave event.

Mattias Kihlstrom on 12/09/2005 05:15 AM

you can just re set agent target to "non"

Mohammad on 07/31/2007 12:19 PM

If you are trying to invoke the agent from the Domino server console via the "tell agmr "dbname" 'agentname'" command, then you get this error if you have not set the agent's trigger to "schedule" and the agent's target to "none".

Roberto Olivares on 06/03/2008 03:26 PM

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