Process crashed in module Nlsccstr.dll, load address: 0x62350000, @ "0x6238a7e6" with an "ACCESS_VIOLATION" error

Created by on 08/18/2004


getting msg you cannot use mail while domino server is running etc etc

Created by Anonymous on 09/23/2004

An Error Was Encountered While Opening A Window

An error was encountered while opening a window

Created by Salil Maniktahla on 09/29/2004


a person's last name or company name is required

Created by Anonymous on 11/02/2004

Database Not Opening

Database (.nsf) has grown too large; use File New Replica to recreate your file with larger capacity

Created by Mayur Chandorkar on 11/27/2004


Unable to access CASBPQS1 notes backup

Created by Mike on 12/13/2004

Field Is Too Large (32K)

Field is too large (32k) or View's column & selection formulas are too large

Created by Monica Reategui on 01/07/2005

Agent Did Not Complete

HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - Agent did not complete within the time limit

Created by Jake on 01/19/2005

Lotus Notes

server error: file is in use by another program

Created by Anonymous on 02/03/2005

Field In Form Does Not Have A Name

HTTP Web Server: Application Exception - Field in form does not have a name

Created by Michael Sobczak on 02/16/2005