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Process crashed in module Nlsccstr.dll, load address: 0x62350000, @ "0x6238a7e6" with an "ACCESS_VIOLATION" error



I was getting this error consistantly when debugging an application where a button had multiple lotus script lookups to the NAB and then our corporate directory.

The error didn't occur when I was in the office, but did when I was home hitting my Notes servers from my DSL connection. Added a is CorpDB.Open check to the lotusscript code, and made sure my lookups went to the same server. The script was timing out and the Corporate Database wasn't open - although it was instantiated. When the rest of the script ran as if the db was open - you get access violation.

Finally tracked it down to passthrough configuration.

Marilyn on 07/02/2005 14:52

I have faced the same problem could you send me the details of solving the same.

Thanks - Pradeep

Pradeep on 06/22/2007 12:14 AM

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