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server error: file is in use by another program


when lotus notes is started and password is given then when one clicks on the mail icon i receive a msg server error . file is in use by another program


Is your backup agent still running when this occurs? That will cause that error.

Sue on 05/04/2005 10:24

pls needfull u r help for this error

rahim on 08/29/2005 09:32 PM

dear sir/ madem

i stop the backup but i face same problem

server error file is in used by another program

ashwani on 06/02/2006 06:23 AM

are there files open in the domino data directorie?

Cor on 06/29/2006 08:38 AM

I dont know if it works for u. I drop the persons mail.nsf file and valitdated the DB and then restartet the computer. That worked for me

Kenn on 11/01/2006 06:31 AM

Uninsall the Lotus Notes from that m/c and install it again.It will not show you that error again.

Sankha on 12/17/2006 10:36 PM

Try to compact or fixup the database of that user. When I met this error, I did the fixup and compact, then It is OK.

Jason on 01/09/2007 06:22 PM

I seem to recall that this can happen if somebody has opened a database file (NSF, NTF, etc) on a local or network system by using the the file Browse button at the bottom of the Open Database dialog (rather than via Server and Database). The user's local system gets a lock on the database at the OS level, and the Domino server cannot access it until that lock is released.

Tony Austin on 04/21/2007 07:11 PM

Can't fix up the database so I restarted the service.. still got the same error. Lastly I reboot the server itself....that resolved the problem

Melody on 07/28/2008 08:11 PM


gf on 11/03/2008 06:39 AM

mails in inbox r not getting highlited

yuvraj on 04/30/2010 01:58 AM

Yes, restart works for that issue

woohaa on 06/07/2010 05:54 AM

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