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Database (.nsf) has grown too large; use File New Replica to recreate your file with larger capacity


Recently I installed Lotus Notes 6.5 Client on to one P-3 Machine after which when I attempted to open the local .nsf file the above error was encountered and the data base did not open; the problem was repeated even when once again the Notes Client 5.0 was re installed on the same system the file is R4 version & size is 1 Gb. Please guide me how to open the database. the user is in very bad shape since this database is containing archieved mails of last 3 years.


Cause: This error comes when someone send a large email to you.

Solution: I tried to compact the database and it worked fine. You can compact the database by right click on it, click on database, goto properties. Click on second tab and click on compact.

Sometimes compact start late, so have patience.

Gulshan Naraini on 06/14/2005 10:17

good solution

kavitha on 02/10/2008 09:47 PM

you have it right!

Remedy on 05/16/2008 02:49 PM

If database gets too large the quite possible solution is to compact it. But if in any case this do not works and emails are still inaccessible then you can try the lotus notes to outlook migration procedure which will help you to access the inaccessible. Lotus domino connectors are available for this with nsf to pst migration tools from third party vendors like


NSF to PST on 06/27/2008 01:18 PM

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