Created by Jake on 01/19/2005. Modified: 01/19/2005 13:43


HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - Agent did not complete within the time limit



Can be caused either by Web Query Save or Open agents and agent runs using the ?OpenAgent URL command. Happens when they run for longer than the timeout setting.

The time limit is set in the server document in the Domino Web Engine tab, which is in the Internet Protocols tab. Look for the setting at the very bottom left called "Web agent timeout".

Jake on 01/19/2005 13:46

In the server document Internet Protocols tab \ Domino web engine tab the Web agent timeout field(HTTP_webAgentTimeout) at the left bottom corner of the page is hidden based on the value of UTF-8 output field(HTTP_UTF8) under character-set heading.

If it is "Yes", then timeout field is hidden.

Does anyone know how the timeout is linked with character-set, or it is just a bug.


Ravi on 08/24/2005 10:37 AM

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