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Photos of New Office Build From Two Years Ago

Blog [Fri 12 Mar 2010]

Quick Tip: How to Use Colo(u)r on Visited Links

Blog [Tue 22 Jul 2008]

MetaWeblog.newMediaObject and Word 2007 -- BlogId as Integer and URL as String

Blog [Wed 16 Jul 2008]

Quick Tip: Make Your Forms Appear More Web 2.0

Blog [Wed 13 Aug 2008]

Running Two WQS Agents, Where One is Conditional on the Other

Blog [Thu 17 Jul 2008]

Expanding on this idea

Article Response [Sat 11 Mar 2006]

Here's a clock I built in SVG!

Article Response [Wed 26 Jun 2002]

An essential reference and a bonus quiz!

If you are anything like me then you may like to think of yourself as more of an Internet Developer than purely a Domino Developer. If nothing else, the former is probably a better way to explain wha...

Article [6 Jun 2001]

Three for the price of two

Remember in an article a couple of weeks ago I was amazed that after 4 years I am still discovering new HTML tags and their uses. Well, it's happened again. Twice in one week! It's Sunday and I'm hun...

Article [23 Sep 2001]

Problem with lots of style definition docs

Article Response [Wed 3 Mar 2004]

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