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Post to Next Site Change: Indented Inline Commenting System from Jake Howlett

Blog Response [Thu 15 Oct 2009]

Post to Wishing... from Chris Toohey

Blog Response [Sat 10 Aug 2002 08:16]

Post to A big thank you from UnclePhil

Blog Response [Sun 7 Sep 2003 10:05]

Re: Local override/compliment of CSS

Article Response [Fri 5 Oct 2001]

New Article Posted

Blog [Mon 8 Dec 2003]

Re: Cool Article

Article Response [Sun 7 Dec 2003]

Re: Cool Article

Article Response [Tue 9 Dec 2003]

Why You Need To Know About CSS Specificity

Blog [Mon 6 Aug 2007]

Putting Style in the Hand of the User

How can you give your users the ability to control the design of their site when they don't have Designer access? You let them create documents that define the site's CSS. That's how. This article describes how to....

Article [7 Dec 2003]

Redefining the look of HTML

Are you bored with those old, gray buttons and text boxes? I bet you are! Well, why not change them? It's easy with Cascading Style Sheets, new from the W3C. Does that sound like some cheesy ad on lo...

Article [28 Feb 2001]

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