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Despite making recent article links red I still like to tell you about new articles myself. If only to talk about what the article is and why you might want to read it.

The latest article talks about using documents to store CSS and refine the look of a site without having to make any design changes. You can see the demo database in action to see what I mean. Look in the source. There are two CSS "files" attached. One is a Domino 6 CSS Resource and the other is a View. The view holds "Style Documents" that can redefine the CSS in the resource file. Use the links at the bottom of the navigation panel to toggle each of the resources on and off.

The concept is simple. The CSS Resource file is the default "vanilla" set of styles and is fixed. The Style Documents are flexible and allow the user as much control as they need. Because the Style Documents are loaded by the browser after the default styles, they take precedence. How many documents you need to add depends on how many changes you want to make. Helps with fussy end users when you don't want to have to make design changes more than you really have to.


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    • Ian B
    • Tue 12 Aug 2003 08:27

    Damn You Jake! I started to do this a couple of weeks ago. Well, I suppose I can just half inch yours now. One thing I saw being useful is assigning a category for media type (print/screen etc). Also, as it is a view you could have a category for stylesheet1 stylesheet2 etc. and just append ?restricttocategory= to the stylesheetlink. Can keep a selection of stylesheets all in one repository then.

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    • Jake
    • Tue 12 Aug 2003 09:00

    Nice idea "Mr Beale". Maybe you should expect a version 2 some time soon ;o)

    There's probably quite a few more addition it could benefit from. For now, it's the principle that counts.

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