Welcome to the Cascading Styles database

This database demonstrates the use of Notes Documents stored in a special view to create CSS "files". To add styles to the CSS definition of a page all you have to do is create another Style Document. No need to change the design of the database. The benefits of which can be two-fold. You can give the end user some control over the appearance of their site or update it yourself without having to go through any kind of change-control procedures. It's also nice and easy to create your styles quickly while you're actaully designing sites. No need to keep editing the Style Sheet Resource until you get it just right. You can just keep editing a document. Once you're completely happy then you can move the content of these documents to their permanent place in a design resource.

However you plan on using them, this database is kept simple to prove the concept to you. The pages already have a default design, defined by this CSS file. However, you can add to it and over-ride it by adding a new Style Document to the list.

At any point, you can see what the site looks like with just the default rules by pressing the Toggle Custom Rules link in the navigator. This disables the stylesheet created by the view.

Read more about this technique online: Putting Style in the Hand of the User