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  1. There are times when views are useful, such as the "I don't know what I want, but I know when I see it" brigade. For example I have had a long standing website out in the world where the owner doesn't want me to upgrade the design. This design is now nearly 11 years old and is really old school. http://www.up1.co.uk (slightly NSFW in places).

    Users do scroll down the lists of what's available and put stuff they like into their baskets. They also use the search and series (a RestrictToCategory view) to find what they want.

    Why? Browsing mentality I guess. That and the fact that a lot of people cannot spell some of the titles so a "Just start typing" option may not be as useful as you'd think.

    Some just want a great big list of all the new releases. Some want exact titles and products. Some only buy models and figures. Trying a one size fits all design is really hard to please all users.

    But for now, all I aim to please is the site owner. He calls the shots, not I.

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