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    • Mark Barton
    • Posted on Tue 19 Feb 2013 04:55 AM

    As Jonathan mentions most of the time I suspect some form of AJAX based lookup / filter is probably what people want when faced with the 1000's of rows type grid, either the in memory data or a server side call.

    If people really want spreadsheet type functionality, to manipulate the data, then that's where it belongs.

    The important thing here is to make sure the data is separate from the markup, the days of having markup mixed in with view columns should be over giving you plenty of opportunity to present the data in different ways, whether thats XPages or a javascript grid backed by a client side framework like backbone.js. A couple of good examples - http://datatables.net/index - https://github.com/teleological/slickback/wiki

    Whats more interesting and possibly more difficult is the summary roll up of the data e.g. graphical dashboards, the ability to drill down and the initial high level display of data that's relevant to the user.

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