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    • Richard
    • Posted on Wed 12 May 2004

    Thanks! However, this leads me to another question (sorry!)...

    I'm using the more streamlined version of the window open code found elsewhere in this thread:

    function windowOpener(pic, title, size) {

    if(typeof(popupWin) != "object" || popupWin.closed) { popupWin = window.open(pic,title,size); } else { popupWin.location.href = pic; }

    popupWin.focus(); }

    My links to call the javascript (and therefore open the window to display the graphics) are then found in the body of the page, e.g.:

    <a href="javascript:windowOpener('../screens.php?fi=picture1&amp;fh=&amp;shot=photo 1.jpg&amp;altag=Nice%20Picture&amp;colour=red','screens','width=480,height=450') ">picture1</a>

    fi, fh, shot, colour, etc. are all php variables that help me to define the picture and how it is displayed, using php code elsewhere.

    The height and width are therefore usually defined in the link, so how would I incorporate the popupWin.width and popupWin.height into the above?

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