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Keep URLs simple by making them relative

Do you use Computed Fields and/or Computed Text all over your forms in order to place URL references to things likes anchor links, stored images, linked files (CSS, JS) etc that are stored within the...

18 Jan 2001 | Keywords: Relative, Link, URL | Read »

Quick, easy, foolproof field level help

Never mind all those fancy methods of offering users Field Level Help in the browser, try this quick and easy one. In Internet Explorer you can set the "Title" HTML Attribute for the field and this w...

29 Jan 2001 | Keywords: input, help | Read »

Confirming a user's action

If you have links whose action is irreversible and you want to make the user confirm what they are doing then you could use the JavaScript onclick event. The HTML to invoke this is: ...

29 Sep 2000 | Keywords: onclick, return, confirm, delete | Read »

Creating a dynamic, re-usable message form

Telling a user what they have just done may seem a little obvious and maybe even unnecessary. Imagine an application that never confirmed to the user that something had happened. They would soon get ...

12 Aug 2001 | Keywords: message, confirm | Read »

Keeping your head nice and tidy

This is one of those little things that, until you know about it, you never realise you miss. Then, when you find out, end up using it all the time. In Domino Designer when you want to add things ins...

5 Apr 2001 | Keywords: head, html | Read »

Using a form as a database's Homepage

What do you do when the options of what to do when a database is opened via the web just aren't good enough? Wouldn't it be useful if you could have the database open a form as the first thing the us...

12 Jan 2001 | Keywords: launch, open, form, navigator | Read »

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