Quick, easy, foolproof field level help

Never mind all those fancy methods of offering users Field Level Help in the browser, try this quick and easy one.

In Internet Explorer you can set the "Title" HTML Attribute for the field and this will present the user with something similar to that below, when they hover the mouse over the input box:


To do this all you need to do is enter the following in to the HTML Attributes for any field...


To produce something like the field below. Try hovering your mouse over it.

Notes: May be an idea to let users know that this method of help is being used as people who tab between input boxes won't see it.


  1. Works well but only with text fields

    This method works well, but it only works on text fields. If you have any other type of field (RTF, Keyword), nothing happens.

    1. Re: Works well but NOT only with text fields also

      And Date fields And Check boxes And Numeric fields And Radio buttons And Rich Text


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  2. Print to the Status Bar

    You can always print to the status bar using the code below on the mouseOver event for the field:

    window.status="Can you see this?";

    Nice thing about this is works in Notes, Netscape, and IE. That doesn't always happen. You can also clear the status bar using the onMouseOut event.

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