Sending HTML mail via SMTP part 1

My favourite articles are the ones I write knowing, at the back of my mind, that they will be really appreciated by those who take the time to read them. This I hope will be one of them. It could jus...

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Fri 15 Mar 2002

I think I own about eight O'Reilly books in total. Of these I use maybe two on a regular basis. With the others I find I buy them with the best intention of learning a certain skill or simply to read-up on one particular topic. This makes most of the books redundant for most of the time.

Luckily now I'll never need to buy another O'Reilly book again. They've had the revolutionary idea of making all their (and other's) books available online. The way this works is perfect for people like me. I pay a minimal fee for a month's worth of reading a few books and then I can swap and change my virtual bookshelf. They do a better job of explaining it than I do.

Brilliant. Thanks to Mike (new colleague) for showing me this. They even have a multi-user corporate account so no more arguing over the books in the office.

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Thu 14 Mar 2002

Have a look at the list of Articles by Topic down the left hand side of DevArticles.com, "articles for the serious web developer". Listed is just about every skill we should at least know a little about. No Domino though. Okay, so it's a niche market. Or is it? Surely there are more Domino developers than there are PHP developers! Hmm.

Thanks today go to Pat Read for his perfect demonstration of what I originally intended the Comments form to be used for. For you to share your knowledge.

Anybody out there have any war-stories or lessons-learnt in their experience with IIS and Domino cohabiting?? I'd love to hear from you...

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Mon 11 Mar 2002

Looking round WebReference today I found two interesting articles. The first is a primitive but effective way of showing graphical data using JavaScript. The other is the groundings of an article I've been putting-off writing for months now about using JavaScript to traverse an XML document's nodes. Being as lazy as I am I've chosen to blog them instead ;-) After all I wouldn't want to just plagiarise another person's work like a certain somebody I'll tell you about tomorrow.

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Thu 7 Mar 2002

I've always been against the misuse of TLDs. Especially the TLDs reserved as country codes such as the .tv domain. But obviously there isn't one for every purpose and I had to use codestore.net. But I'm not a Service Provider, which is what these domains were originally reserved for. Neither am I, strictly speaking, a not-for-profit organisation that can warrant the use of a .org domain. I'm happy now though as I can proudly announce:


I've been playing round with Java agents that send mail in HTML format via SMTP sockets today. Very interesting. Shall try and share what I've learnt with you as soon as I get the chance.

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