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Reply posted by Pat Read on Thu 14 Mar 2002 in response to What you need and want to know about errors

Simpler alternative?

Couldn't you just put a computed-for-display text field on the error form, that
runs an @mailsend formula?

This can either send to the developer or to a mail-in-database. I had a bash
and am pretty happy with the results; here's an example:

Add a field called "ErrorSummary" at the bottom of your error form,
(text/comp-for-display only) with formula:

"Request: " +
"Referer: "+HTTP_Referer+@NewLine+
"Browser: "+HTTP_User_Agent+@NewLine+
"Query_String: "+Query_String_Decoded+@NewLine+
"Host: "+Remote_Host+@NewLine+
"IP: "+Remote_Addr

(Make sure the CGI variables quoted have matching fields already)

Then add your mailsend field with this formula:

@MailSend("HTTPErrorLog";"";"";MessageString;"Details below:";"ClientSummary")

Maybe I'm missing something - it's too simple!!