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Putting Style in the Hand of the User

How can you give your users the ability to control the design of their site when they don't have Designer access? You let them create documents that define the site's CSS. That's how. This article describes how to....

Article [7 Dec 2003]

Controlling the Size of Uploaded Files

If there is one subject that gets its fair amount of airtime on the Notes forums it's the matter of dealing with file attachments. Whether it's moving them to or from Rich Text fields, stopping them ...

Article [19 Jun 2003]

Working with the Frameset design element

I HATE framesets. Sorry, but I do. Nearly as much as I hate Netscape - not quite though.... Don't worry I'm not about to get in to a rant about exactly why I hate them - there is some useful informat...

Article [16 Jul 2001]

A Radio Button Quiz

This example is going be a little quiz using Radio-Buttons and JavaScript (not a quiz about radio-buttons as the title may suggest). It is not that I thought of this as a useful application, more tha...

Article [9 Jan 2001]

Post to blog For from Kerr

Blog Response [Fri 10 Aug 2007 02:20 PM]

Post to A Lesson For All Would-Be JavaScript Hackers from Tommy Valand

Blog Response [Thu 15 Feb 2007 02:06 AM]

Position an Element in the Middle of a Screen

Blog [Wed 7 Sep 2005]

Building Dynamic HTML the Proper Way

Blog [Wed 28 Apr 2004]

Google-Friendly URLs

Blog [Fri 11 Oct 2002]

Reply to Printing with Page Breaks

Article Response [Wed 12 May 2010]

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