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just a little cleanup

Article Response [Sun 20 Jun 2004]

What about

Article Response [Fri 4 Apr 2003]

Why not create a new form for the search box?

Article Response [Wed 19 Feb 2003]

Standing on the shoulders of giant Jake

Article Response [Mon 6 Jan 2003]

Searching Domino Simplified

More often than not Domino database have search boxes on all their pages. How does your work? Does it work if you disable JavaScript? Does it work when documents are in edit mode? What if the user pressed enter instead of the search button? If any of these are issues for you then this article will solve them all....

Article [24 Jan 2005]

Creating a dynamic, re-usable message form

Telling a user what they have just done may seem a little obvious and maybe even unnecessary. Imagine an application that never confirmed to the user that something had happened. They would soon get ...

Article [12 Aug 2001]

Creating In-line Response Documents

More often that not a Domino database will have some type of parent-child document relationship. When the authoring of such documents is implemented in the browser I think we should all be familiar w...

Article [20 Aug 2002]

Post to More On Using Cookies With Domino from Jake Howlett

Blog Response [Sat 5 Mar 2005 06:12]

Post to blog For from Ajay B Mali

Blog Response [Wed 30 Jan 2008 08:17 AM]

Post to What If: Open Source Domino from Rob

Blog Response [Thu 18 May 2006 10:39 AM]

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