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Modular Field Validation Script I

Anybody who does any programming will/should have heard of the "with" statement. I don't know why but I had always assumed this wasn't available in JavaScript. That was until today when I typed it in...

Article [8 Mar 2001]

Flex App Basics 7: Alert Is To Flex as MessageBox Is To LotusScript

Blog [Wed 27 Jan 2010]

Modular Field Validation Script II

How many times have you found yourself writing JavaScript validation functions that look like this: ...

Article [8 Mar 2001]

Using the if statement effectively

"If" is probably the most used JavaScript statement in any one given function or script. There are a variation of ways it can be used and your choice of which method can make your coding a lot easier...

Article [29 Jan 2001]

Catching errors before they catch you

Wouldn't a developer's life be easy if there were never any errors in it. Or would it? Might get a bit boring after a while if there was never that buzz of finally finding the source of your woes aft...

Article [16 Sep 2001]

Post to Flex With Domino Quick Start - Part 5 from Rob Armstrong

Blog Response [Mon 9 Feb 2009 05:19 PM]

Implementing onDomReady in Domino

Blog [Tue 5 Jun 2007]

Post to Open a Notes Document in ScanEz from a Browser from Mark Roden

Blog Response [Tue 10 Jan 2012 08:08 AM]

Re: How to clear the value of the FileUpload Control

Article Response [Thu 29 Sep 2005]

Some bugs, fixed

Article Response [Sun 22 Feb 2009]

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