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Article Response [Fri 14 Mar 2003]

Date validation on global servers

Are you creating databases that live on servers all around the world and worried that you don't know which format the server expects dates to be entered in to fields of the date/time data type? You c...

Article [13 Oct 2000]

Phone number validation added

Article Response [Wed 30 Jun 2004]

Codestore.net Site Statistics Jan '04 - Feb '07

Blog [Thu 22 Mar 2007]

Post to The Hidden Cost of Holidays from RobShaver

Blog Response [Fri 15 Jun 2012 08:27 PM]

Post to Online Security Review Completed from Frank Paolino

Blog Response [Tue 14 Dec 2010 09:35 AM]

Re: What about calendar views

Article Response [Tue 15 Jan 2002]

Post to Bug With UntilKey URL Parameter from Rene Scheening

Blog Response [Fri 3 Oct 2008 04:39 AM]

Good Times, Bad Times

Blog [Mon 6 Feb 2006]

June's Article Published

Blog [Mon 28 Jun 2004]

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