Flyout Menu Demo

We've all heard of drop-down menus, which are all well and good. What about things you want to appear when needed on the page that aren't part of the site navigation? Use flyouts! This demo shows how. Download and see how the login/admin links on the top right of the page function....

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Star-Based Document Rating

This simple little rating system uses a little CSS to give the user a visual system of rating a document out of five stars (although you can customise to as many stars as you like). Clicking a star submits an Ajax call to rate the document and feeds back to the user the updated rating. Best of all, it all works without JavaScript (and even CSS) -- it's completely accessible....

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Ajax @DBLookup Example

This simple, yet powerful, example database shows how to use Ajax to perform DBLookups back to the server. The demo form shows how this works by letting you specify all the usual parameters - view, key and column. You can even add your own documents to see how that affects the returned data....

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