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    • Lee
    • Posted on Tue 15 Nov 2005

    This article was very timely for me, because I've been a long-time Domino developer (and perhaps rightly-biased), and also because I've begun to dabble a bit with Drupal lately and the limitations of similar CMSs.

    There's a whole world of CMSs out there. I mentioned Drupal, while also Joomla and Typo3 also have merits.

    Compared against wonderful and mostly efficient discussion forums such as Notes.net, I find all these other boards' discussions 'flat', and hard to read and navigate. I think discussion forums are extremely valuable knowledge bases, the value of which extends well beyond the initial plea for help. Notes.net is an example of such a GUI done right, while all the others are an inefficient pain and generate inefficient results.

    Thanks to this article and thread, now I 'get' the merits of having all comments within a single page. *Searchability*, ah! Thanks guys! (I blame the codestore readable gui for misleading me though, because it is so well implemented.)

    Now I wonder, since notes.net seems almost idealic aside from this newly gleamed omission, I wonder, how can this 'feature' be added?

    Couldn't an agent scrape up response and response-to-response docs and compile such a page? Maybe search could even be redirected to focus on such (new) pages?

    Anyway, that's just me thinking out loud. Nice article and discussion! Food for thought.

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