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    • Rod Stauffer
    • Posted on Wed 6 Jul 2005

    There's always a catch isn't there.

    position:fixed elements are displayed on every page. Not really noticable in a browser as a single page just scrolls. Printing changes things as multiple pages are definitely possible.

    The result in this example is a header of sorts. Unfortunately, this header effect takes precendence over content "under" it--some content is hidden by the "header."

    Try a print preview to see the problem. For me (with Firefox), page 2 ends with: "Chyba, że ze stołka!" The first document listed on page 3 is: "Look at this"

    The position:fixed header essentially hides two documents on any page after the first one. CSS specifically for printing should avoid the problem (i.e. media="print")

    Side effects like these are something to be aware of anytime position:fixed is used and there's any chance the page will be printed. I learned the hard way of course. :-)

    In any case, nice write Jake. Good stuff.

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