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  1. Amazing Article... I'm trying to add the Dojo 0.9 beta (almost 900 files) to the NSF using WebDav....

    I'm running into a little problem. I can connect, but after a few seconds DreamWeaver says:"The Connection to the remote host has been lost. Click refresh to reconnect. I do get a few blank folders but no files.

    On my domino console, I get the following error after a few blank folder are created in the NSF....

    :http web server: Item not found exception"

    I've recreated the managed site several times. I believe I followed the instructions 100% and I even tried my NSF into a subfolder. I've got the local host files in properly... and my http://webdav.acme.com/Dojo9.nsf$files appears in the browser just fine, have the ACL set properly.

    Please help...

    PS...Rob... saw you at Lotusphere 2007... great presentation...

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