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    • Pat Hanc
    • Posted on Mon 2 Dec 2002

    I use Spreadsheet component from Microsoft Office XP Web Components.

    I have put the Spreadsheet in my VB form. It's a regular VB project.

    Now my question is : HOwTo print the spreadsheet ? OR how to print the XML file related to the spreadsheet ?

    Now I can Open Excel File saved in XML format and view it in spreadsheet. I can save Excel Spreadsheet to XML format file.

    But now I need to know how to print ? (8 1/2 x 14 Landscape) I have not been abble to print from IE considering this format.

    The application will be deploy to multiple Windows OS with multiple configuration. Multiple clients got different version of Office.

    I'm not sure if the office XP Web components is the gool tool for that but in my application I need to: show content of Excel file(open files) in my VB app. Allow modification of content by user an by VB app. Save files Print files

    Any suggestions ? Thansk all for your time! PAt

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