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    • Roman Kopac
    • Posted on Tue 5 Feb 2013 05:13 AM

    I still do legacy Domino development.

    I think of Domino simply as a NoSQL datastore with built-in security, authentication and authorization (readers and authors fields, roles...).

    With modern HTML and JavaScript frameworks, like jQueryUI, Twitter Bootstrap, backbone.js you can build as complicated and beautiful UI as you like. Then write agents to process the data you POST via ajax calls to nsf database. And you also need to write agents that return data - just like your example.

    Another thing I like in Domino is view design. You have graphic tools to design your views any way it seems fit for your application. Then just do simple lookups against them. This is IMHO much easier than writing complicated JavaScript to query NoSql databases like MongoDB.

    If only there were more LS functions to process text, lists and arrays, e.g., like in Python. And Lotusscript editor is a joke.

    Please, don't give up on your writing.

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