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  1. Eureka! I admit it take me lots of testing and trying to find out where the heck the problem is before searching for the right solution on the web at all, lol! Problem was neither in your DB of course, nor in my "first try DB"...

    Here it goes:

    IE6 has some "decent" bugs, including a bug called "Unscrollable content bug". (see link: http://www.positioniseverything.net/explorer.html).

    Well, I was able to see your online DB OK, but downloaded copy on my local server didn't render well in IE6 (not to talk about that source code from IE6 had some differences compared with source from FF1.5!). That let me think it has something to do with Domino server versions though you didn't believe it was an issue.

    Finally I hit on a chain of articles (let's link just two): - The Quirks of Quirks Mode http://www.notestips.com/80256b3a007f2692/1/taio-65qg97 - Domino finally does the right DOCTYPE http://www.notestips.com/80256B3A007F2692/1/TAIO-5V5LQN

    ...that let me know about Domino "bug" (or was it lunacy?) by which Domino renders just DOCTYPE declaration in to HTML file, without URL! Which subsequently causes IE to fall off into Quirk mode :-(((

    Well, there is a "crutch" - since 6.0.5 and 6.5.3 you can use the ini parameter DominoCompleteDoctype=1 to get the correct and complete DOCTYPE output by Domino.

    Yet another info (for those who are not system admins or gurus, like i am not): You better don't edit notes.ini file in domino server root folder, won't work. You have to do it via server's console with command: set con DominoCompleteDoctype=1 and you can check if you were succesfull with: sh con DominoCompleteDoctype

    Restart server with "restart server" in console.... and that's pretty all. Now your demo works (thanks to all above mentioned articles) and my page works like i wanted (thanks to your working demo)! Hope this will help other desperate (like i was) users. Btw, which version of domino server is your demo DB on?

    Have a cool weekend, Boyzl

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