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    • Ferdy
    • Posted on Tue 2 Mar 2010 02:13 AM

    I'm with you Jake. At any time I think I have enough space in my mind to develop in two back-end languages, along with three front-end "languages" (HTML, CSS, Javascript).

    I know about five back-end languages but if I do not use them regularly I forget about them. That's fine, because if I go back to them, I'll recover them from long term memory quickly. Plus, there are so many ways now to get help, things like type-ahead coding, Stackoverflow, etc.

    My advise is to be really good in the front-end, which you are, since that is needed for every modern platform. On top of that, be really good in at least one, preferably two back-end technologies for which there is demand. If time allows, do play around with all major platforms so that you at least understand them.

    I find both a strategy of specialization or generalization to be risky, that's why I try to combine them. Know a bit about all platforms, be good in one or two. It costs a lot of time, but I consider it worthwhile.

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