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    • Ferdy
    • Posted on Tue 1 Feb 2011 06:14 AM

    Jake, nice posts in the series so far, very straightforward and easy to follow. Just some tiny remarks:

    - Good that you mention to change the SQL user in production. In addition it may be a good idea to encrypt the connection string. There is a standard way to do it (forgot how).

    - You have chosen datasets for database connectivity, which is a classic lightweight approach, perfectly fit for these articles. Still, I wonder if it would make sense that you tell the readers about the other options, such as LINQ to SQL and EF, and particularly when to use which.

    - The same applies to the view engine, whether to use webforms, MVC or Razor and when. The default approach seems to be a moving target in the .NET world.

    With some light architectural considerations I think your articles will be more unique compared to other beginners articles. Most tutorials only tell how to do things, not why or why that specific way.

    Good luck. I realize it is a lot of work to produce such articles.

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