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  1. I had some problems implementing HTMLArea v3.0 RC1, I got an "unknown runtime error" everytime I tried to put any kind of tags around the rich text field, (well I tried a few anyway). The Editor loads with the toolbar and all, but fails before full initialization. some stuff works, like bold some text etc, but several functions also fail.

    And since my page is constructed using tables I really had a problem. I found a couple of similar posts on the HTMLArea forums, but no solution.

    I'll guess I'll try the 2.03 version unless someone can point me in the right direction for a fix...

    It's a shame really 'cause we've just managed to get people to use Firefox instead of IE... :(

    Tech: Domino 6.0.2CF2 Firefox 1.0 or IE 6x HTMLArea installed in domino\html\htmlarea on the server


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