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    • axel
    • Posted on Thu 24 Mar 2011 07:33 AM

    For someone who doesn't have a clue about .NET, mvc and all that stuff, its not RAD, because you first have to educate yourself.

    Some not to be named guy on planetlotus recently said that rad is out of fashion, as "nobody is talking about it". Now thats really funny, as RAD means real business value: Showing the app early to customers and finish it in little time. This is part of all those very influential agile schools of pm. And it makes sense in a sense of real business value sense.

    Currently I sit in a java project where planning started in 2007, coding in summer 2008 and still no line delivered to a customer. Thats really weird.

    But its a exception. A lot of tool do have RAD aspects. A lot of modern java programming should consists mainly in wiring together frameworks, for example, which I consider as RAD too.

    I don't think that any domino expert consider his platform to be THE RAD platform at this point of time.

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