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    • Dragon Cotterill
    • Posted on Thu 22 Apr 2010 07:26 AM

    At home I have a multi-monitor setup too. Large primary 1920x1200 on my main desktop. Secondary monitor (also on main machine - 2nd graphics card) set as 1024x1680 in portrait mode (ideal for reading webpages such as Codestore). I have a laptop (1920x1200) to the left hand side of the main monitors, above I have two 1024x768 displays. One of which is an Unbuntu file server, with a Netvibes dashboard display for news feeds and useful info, the other is a Mac Mini - acquired from you many moons ago - which is my media player box.

    All of these are slaved together by Synergy from the main system. So no KVM needed and a single mouse/keyboard for all four machines.

    Wife has a single large monitor (1400x968) and a second machine (also Synergy linked) with two 1024x768 displays for her Day Trading setup.

    You can never have too many monitors. After all it's only the complete megalomaniacs who get to take over the world and run their evil empires from command bunkers with loads of screens and a big red button.

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