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  1. Hello Jake,

    Thanks a lot for this set of very interesting articles.

    I'd like to add the following info if you don't already know :

    If we take your example with Socket Workbench :

    HELO YourComputerName (optional) MAIL FROM: <Sender's E-mail Address> RCPT TO: <Recipient's E-mail Address> DATA From: Sender's Alias <Sender's reply e-mail address> To: Receiver's Alias <Recipient's e-mail address> Subject: <Subject Goes Here> REUTERSCODE: IBM.N RISK: R1 COUNTRY: USA

    <body goes here> . QUIT

    Please note that I added some extra info like REUTERSCODE, RISK and COUNTRY (No space allowed) in the header.

    Now if you send the mail and check it with the Notes Client you will see that you now have fields in the memo document with the same name and values.

    Imagine in an intranet context what you can do with a mailing database that receive those kind of mail. They can be easily processed by an agent that access directly those fields.

    If you use the JavaMail API you can use the following method of the javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage class : addHeader(java.lang.String name, java.lang.String value) where name is the name of the field and value the value.

    Thanks again for all the usefull information you provide us all.

    Best regards, Nicolas TISSIER

    P.S. feel free to modify the subject if it is not explicit enough.

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