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    • Deepak
    • Posted on Tue 18 Sep 2007


    I have a question on page-breaks. Our product creates a HTML report using CSS and DIV tags such that each row/element gets positioned at a particular place in the html output. Say for example, in header I define DIV.C16678128 {z-index: 3; left: 2.967in; width: 0.700in; height: 0.163in; text-align: right;} and in the body I will have <DIV class="C16678128"; style="top: 0.607in; left: 3.342in; width: 0.700in; height: 0.169in;"> 107 </DIV>. But the problem I am facing is with this output I see that the while printing the last row of each page gets partially rendered on page 1 and partially on page 2. I tried your suggestion but did not work for me. Any inghts on this will be greatly appreciated. I can send you the HTML file if you need.

    Your prompt response is greatly appreciated.

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