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  1. I'm with John on this....RAD has to include more then just data entry and display. What about security? What about delivery? What about AJAX? I'm not saying Domino is better or worse, but a bit more in-depth would be useful.

    I did like the comment about "arranged marriage". That made me chortle.

    Henning also had a fair point that RAD from 2002 may not be as "rapid" as RAD in 2011. Still it goes to show how far ahead of it's time Domino was.

    I have a feeling David Leedy is taking up the challenge in NotesIn9 later today ;)

    On a separate note I was always surprised that you stuck with Domino (classic, sans XPages) as long you did. It always sucked to build nice, functional web apps in Domino. Just look at the iNotes code in the mail template. XPages has (or maybe will....it is still in it's infancy) help with this. It's a shame you suffered for a decade or more and are missing the new and improved "easy life" ;) (although XPages is still a bit hack-tastic too)

    The jury is still out whether one can make a living doing Domino/XPages development, and that is more of a decision point than anything else. Is it the start of a resurgence or a last gasp attempt to mike the cash cow? Only time will tell.

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