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    • Joel
    • Posted on Fri 8 Jul 2011 01:26 AM

    Eh, been a while, but it's a somewhat interesting story so... when I joined in 1993, COBOL was being used for Financial systems and other record keeping. The services here were in the process of moving to ADA, a language developed for DOD to program missile guidance systems. In other words, programmers were learning one of two languages (never did determine the criteria for which class someone would be placed into). It was determined to replace all of the COBOL programs with ADA. I've no idea if that ever happened or not. Once I got out of school, the next time I saw COBOL was working as a civilian 7 years later... nothing to do with the military. The programming I did in the FMF was all PC-based (including Notes 3.2) or it was Natural 2 on the mainframe. School was also the last time, I believe, that I used JCL. We were tortured one last time by the last 5 programs (5 weeks worth of COBOL) in 5 days in JCL before graduation. I also did a bit of VB with Notes

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