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  1. This is a fun one to answer!

    From what I understand both the LotusScript interpreter and JVM sit on top of the Domino native code. This means that when you call something like getFirsttDocument() in either language, the actual binary code that gets executed is the same in both languages. Asuming the interpreter/JVM overhead is the same - then there should be no performance difference between the two.

    [---- You object code (LS/Java)----] [**** OBJECT CODE INTERPRETER / JVM ****] [#### domino executables ####]

    The single reason I use predominantly LS is that the knowledge pool is deeper, ie: currently more people know LS(aka VB) than do Java. This may change in the future. From a support perspective this makes maintenance easier for others.

    My pet hate is that LS is *NOT* a true object oriented language. It is basically structures with functions. Inheritance, overloading are the big two I feel are missing. This can make you LS code much less elegant than it could be in, say, Java.

    My rule is: If you're doing simple stuff (getting and saving documents, etc), use LS. If you want to do something a bit more difficult that you cannot do without mangling your LS code, use Java.


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