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  1. The learning curve for XPages has been too steep for me to get much traction.

    I have a set of Java libraries and Domino infrastructure I've written that supports the kind of web applications I've specialized in for about ten years now. I can get Domino to do most anything I need without XPages.

    What Jerry Carter said earlier in this thread really resonated with me. The fact that IBM doesn't keep Domino in the same decade with the latest technology is one reason I've recently started looking (again) for some FLOSS framework to move to and Zope/Plone (again) leads the pack in my research.

    What I want is a flexible content management system to start with which I can style, configure and modify any way I want. Notes/Domino is such a system but the start up and maintenance costs from IBM make it hard to justify to the small customers.

    But I'll continue to read your blog just because I like what you write. Now if you start developing with Plone ... that would rock!



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