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    • Mark Teichmann
    • Posted on Tue 18 Sep 2007

    I use a Domino form containing my own html form element with ID 'frmNewRequest'. Usually I submit this form using Antrag.submitMe(). This works well and the results are visible in my still open document via ZT.getDetails() call in the code below. Now I'd like to use your validation code. Because I use Ajax instead of form.submit() I tried to check if Validator.validate() is true before creating my document via Ajax. But unfortunately I get an endless loop in Prototype.js line 1323 (too much recursion). Do you have any hint where to search? The problem arises after Validator.validate() returns true. Can there be a problem that both our functions use prototype? I tried debugging with FireBug but it does not work. Before starting the loop the debugger ends debugging!? I also tried to replace the $F statements below with constant strings but this does not change anything.

    var Antrag = { submitMe:function() { if ( Validator.validate()) { $('frmNewRequest').request( { method: 'get', parameters: 'Action=Create&AWNR='+$F('AWNR')+'&Personalnr='+$F('Personalnr'), onSuccess: ZT.getDetails }); }} }

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