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  1. Jake, I am pretty sure the result is True, True which is exactly as it would be expected. LotusScript has never supported scoping variables to a block of code it has only ever been at the code module level itself. For this reason I never liked to see programs written in which Dim statements were placed anywhere else other then at the very top of the code module as it could lead the inexperienced LotusScript developer to assume placement had an effect.

    As to the side conversation of IBM no longer supporting the language. This has been the way of the world for quite a long time now and will not change. Get over it and move on. Learn what the language does and exploit it within its current limitations. In its day it was an awesome language combined with the power of the Notes client. Probably more applications have been developed using this language than any other. It did its job, but its not the future. The flat earth society still meets in London on a regular basis but I am pretty sure they don't take themselves too seriously.

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