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    • Tue Skaarup
    • Posted on Tue 22 Jun 2010 04:00 PM

    Yes, you got it right. And I made a mistake listing the wrong subst. patterns. The correct ones are:

    Section level substitutions:

    /[section name]/* -> /[db path]/[db name]/[view name]/w-[section name]-*

    Category level substitutions:

    /[section name]/*/* -> /[db path]/[db name]/[view name]/w-[section name]-*-*

    Notice the 'w-[section name]' at the end. I mistakenly wrote 'w-[page URL name]' first.

    About the number of substitution docs: If you follow this pattern, you will need 2 substitution docs for each section on the website, but you don't need subst. for categories, as they are handled by the generic category level substitutions.

    So this is what is needed for each section name, fx. for the section 'accountingsoftware':

    /accountingsoftware/* -> /[db path]/[db name]/[view name]/w-accountingsoftware-*

    /accountingsoftware/*/* -> /[db path]/[db name]/[view name]/w-accountingsoftware-*-*

    On e-conomic websites there are about 6-7 section names, giving 12-14 subst. docs per website.

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