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  1. Thanks so very much for this functionality Jake! It is elegant looking and works well.

    My only problem occurs if users scroll the form that the name picker is on, or resize the browser window. The "dialog" box ends up being at the bottom of the screen, or off of it entirely, with no way to get to it.

    I understand that the following code in the NamePicker.js file is the one that controls where the dialog box appears, especially the 'absolute' part, and I have tried using 'relative' and making different calculations instead of using caller as the anchor. I have also been researching onscroll and onresize and can't quite figure out if these would be of use or if I'm just going astray.

    Element.setStyle('NamesPicker', {position: 'absolute', top: this.findPosY(caller)+"px", left: this.findPosX(caller)+"px"} );

    Can you please point me in the right direction?

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