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    • Don
    • Posted on Thu 18 Nov 2004

    Just thought to share my experiences: During rebuilding our company website I tried to use the techniques in this article combined with the excellent "Domino XHTML forms" article (http://www.ferdychristant.com/blog/articles/DOMV-623N9J) by Ferdy Christant and found some limitations. Domino will not render RichText fields into <textarea> tags (intentionally - we must avoid Dominos FORM rendering edit mode for full W3C compliance) when used with "Content type=text/html", which seems to make saving the HTMLarea content into a RT-field impossible. After a full day of struggeling with all sorts of hidden input fields, web query save agents and JS, I found a simple solution which works like a charm. I'm not finished yet with all the CMS work, but this could also guide the way towards a combined Notes/Webclient CMS.

    If anybody likes to know how, I will offer the raw NSF file and some comments, just let me know.

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